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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Maybe... Just Maybe...

When we just know each other, he is always the one who wants more of me. And he always wants to know more of me. Now that he knows me, I am starting to feel the resentment he had towards me. The quarrels that we had more than frequently are wearing him down. He is tired of reporting his every move to me. And more than I wish can, I CAN”T SAY END IT JUST LIKE THIS. I am not a strong girl that I portray. I am weak, I am a gu niang. I am weaker than you think. I need assurance, I need security, I need affirmation, and most importantly, I NEED TO BE NEEDED. You say you need freedom. You say you don’t like to be controlled. Yes I know, I read it before. If you want to catch a man’s heart, you can’t hold on to them too tightly. The more you leave them alone, the more they want you to ask about them. But to put them into actions, I CAN”T. I FREAKING CAN’T DO IT. I hate not knowing where you are. I hate not knowing what you are doing. I am so afraid that I am not as important to you as you are to me. I am paranoid. I am scare… Coz maybe… Just maybe….

I am starting to fall in love with you…



  • At 1:43 AM, Anonymous Ecstasy said…

    Assurance and security isn't about knowing what/where/who your partner is doing or holding them too tightly. Everyone NEEDS some privacy. We all need mutual respect and privacy from our partners and nobody can take reporting their every move for a prolonged period, but I suppose you know that.

    If he is really so important to you, you would change for him, yourself, and your relationship. If not, you will soon lose him. Keep it simple stupid (KISS) and things become clearer. Relationships take 2 hands to clap, us guys detest reporting our every move because it implies you don't trust us or are too dependent. Even married couples need space, so do both of you.



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