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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gone are the days...

Where sweet nothings are whispered free flow into my ears... Here comes the reality.... 'Stop crying', he said impatiently as I was weeping over the phone coz I feel I am losing my foothold in his heart. I cried even harder. I just can't help it... Why am I getting so emo nowadays... Well, maybe I just can't see why young guys can be trusted. The insecurities are taking over me....

Signing off,


  • At 3:08 PM, Anonymous fabledtale said…


    Cool down. It seems like u know what you are doing to push him away...Stop doing it. I am sure you are stronger than that and even though you have the impulse to question his whereabouts or his movements...try not to.

    Also, a man is very simple to understand. Crying harder will not attract his attention. Rather, yang orr and play works every time...

    I am sure you know quite abit about us guys ;)

    Cheers and Take Care



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